Mpya bidhaa

Spartaqs Fire Fighter Drone
Fire Fighter Drone is an advanced project of a specialized operational dronoid designed for fire units. The dronoid has been constructed with the use of special materials with an increased coefficient of temperature resistance, which allows to carry out missions in situations where ordinary multi-rotors are not applicable due to technical limitations. Thanks to the use of specialized equipment, it is able to locate the sources of fire, analyze their spread, and also facilitate the supervision of the entire firefighting operation.
Spartaqs Hermes V8 Cargo - transport dronoid
HERMES V8M, transport dronoid is a multi-rotor designed primarily for computerized automatic missions that can be carried out in difficult weather conditions. The use of 8 powerful motors and doubling the supply voltage compared to the base structure allowed to increase the working load of the platform to eight kilograms (up to 20 kg of take-off weight). Thanks to this, the dronoid is able to carry heavier and more perfect optoelectronic or measuring devices, unavailable for smaller structures.